You will access WebAdvisor for many purposes, including:
Viewing your student account: your bill, your refund.

  • Registration
  • Academic Planning
  • Reviewing grades
  • Reviewing schedule
  • Much, much more
Simply go to "Students" link. You will find "What's my User ID" link. Please choose this link and follow the instruction to displaying your username.


Prospective Students, please use example below for password.
Example: John Doe Student ID 123456, email address from directory john.doe@student.life.edu
username: john.doe
password: jd3456!!

Password Portal
1. Please go to https://pwd.life.edu
2. Enter your username and password:
3. Click on the "Login" button

If you haven't enrolled in the "password self-service portal" before, you will be required to enroll now. Follow these steps to enroll:
1. Click on the "Click Here" link to begin the process
2. Enter your LIFE University Student (or employee) ID:
3. Enter your ID number a second time to confirm
4. Click on the Enroll
5. Register your mobile phone number and/or email address for use in resetting forgotten passwords.

Once you have successfully enrolled in the system, you will be able to change your password.

On the "Change Password" tab:
1. Enter your old (or temporary) password (listed above)
2. Enter your new password
3. Confirm your new password
4. Verify that your password strength shows a "Strong" rating
5. Click on OK

#### Make sure your new password meets all of these requirements:

> At least 8 Characters
> Both Upper and Lower Case
> Includes Numbers or Symbols (!@#$%^&*)
> Doesn't contain your name or username
> Isn't a password you used in the past at Life

##### Notes regarding passwords:
This password change is for BlackBoard, Email, WebAdvisor and most Life University logins.
BlackBoard and Email are available for current students and will become available on the first day of class for new students.
**Passwords expire in 90 days.**

> For current and prospective students and employees, you will need to change your password **EVERY 90 days**.
> BlackBoard and WebAdvisor won't tell you when your password has expired, it just doesn't allow you to logon.
> So, if they stop working, go to https://pwd.life.edu and change your password.


Submitting IT Requests

The IT department has launched an online system for submitting IT work requests. All requests must be submitted through this easy to use system.

To access the site use the "Student" link from the Life Home Page and select IT Help Desk. You can also email itsupport@life.edu with a
brief description of the issue. This email will automacally generate a work order and route to the correct technician to help you.

The first time you submit a request the system uses your Blackboard, WebAdvisor or Student email username and password for access.

Information Technology Department location
Our office is located in the Administration Building in the hallway that runs between the CC-HOP Clinic and the Research Department.
Our phone number is: (770) 426-2624

 If you have any problems accessing the WebAdvisor requests please come by our office or contact WebAdvisor's Administrator at webadvisoradmin@life.edu

OK 96.777